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Before anyone goes crazy bananas on this post and starts drooling or puking depending on if you favor any of these ideas, let me inform you that nothing discussed in this Top 5 is real. Speculation? Partially, but it was only due to some critical thinking and not something I’ve heard in the rumor mill or have seen anywhere. With that being said, I had a good time coming up with days, weeks, or months or Limited Time Magic celebrations.

If you are unfamiliar with Limited Time Magic, it is this current year’s Disney Parks celebration. Disney is putting together miniature special events that can only be seen at the parks for a limited time. It’s a chance for Disney to not only stay in the limelight all year long with announcements of events, but also gives them a chance to see what works and what doesn’t for the future. So…

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I am a very independent woman trying to make it in this world. I love learn new things and to improve myself as a person. Looking to make new friends around the world so i can learn from them about what there world compared to mine. Knowledge is power!!
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